With Heavy Hearts

As long as we live, they too will live, for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.

Being a BenefitCrasher can be bittersweet.

Earlier this year Brianna Menssen/Franke past away. We met Brianna, her family, and her friends on a snow wintery night in December, it was our last crash in 2018.  The way Brianna let us into her benefit and greeted us at the door with a smile is unforgettable.  She let us hold her babies. Our kids touched her beautiful bald head. We embraced her in our arms. When we leave benefits like these, we leave with the feeling of love. We gave away love, and we received an abundance of love back that night. We have learned that Brianna loved our mission and enjoyed having us crash that night. Our hearts go out to those precious babies, her husband, family, and friends.  The night of Dec.2, we drove to Coon Rapids in a snow storm to be with a stranger, we brought her smiles, energy and support as she fought the imaginable.  Brianna, you have touched our lives more then you will ever know. She met us at the door with smile. We held her babies. She gave our children the opportunity to see her beautiful bald head and touch it. We embraced her in our arms. We met as strangers, and we left as friends. The memory of that night will never be lost, it has become part of us- and Brianna will always be a part of the Crasher family! Sending prayers to the family and friends of Brianna. Brianna, you have touched our lives more then you will ever know.

what is death to the caterpillar is life to the butterfly

no you will never be fighting alone

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