Here is a look at some of our most recent Crashes! We hope you can join us soon!


July 31, 2019

Last night, in the North Loop 32+ crashers gathered at Darby's Pub to support Emma Engeldinger and her friends and family. A few weeks ago, we received a video from Emma’s City Pages co-workers inviting us to crash Emma’s Benefit! We were so excited to shower support to Emma’s & help create more awareness for traumatic brain injury. We had been following Emma’s caring bridge website and have eternally felt the heartache of her situation. We have been praying and thinking about her daily. 

Last night, we loved the warm and excited welcome they received as they walked into the Benefit. Throughout the night we loved hearing stories about Emma, meeting her co-workers, family, and her dear friends. We hope someday to meet Emma too! 

Crashers – There were friends, siblings, couples, families join in community to bring love, joy, and support to a situation of hardship. You spent your night loving upon a stranger’s friends and families and supporting Emma and her days ahead. Thanks you courageous and generous souls who create and service your community. Now that is a way to start your weekend! Love you all!!! Our hearts are full! 

Come crashing with us sometime!! 

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Quote from our Peeps “Crashing a party never felts so good as when you do it with BenefitCrashers!”

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June 20, 2019

We crashed it #22! We had the amazing opportunity to support Kylie who was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS ) and is going to MA to attend a pain clinic to get her the help she needs to start her healing process. She was surrounded by loved ones and had a beautiful smile on her face the entire benefit. We are blessed to have been able to be there to support and spread hope during this hardship. Thanks for having us Kylie!!! Special shout out to Steve and Melissa who brought their company “Steve the Window Man” to crash with us!
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June 24, 2019

There is something about the gathering of people; mother and their daughters, women who are in bible study together, friends of friends, family members, co-workers and even husband and wife who all came and gathered this weekend to support Taylor Fischer. The joy of being a BenefitCrashers is we all believe the same thing- in crashing hardship with hope, with love, and support. And on Saturday we did just that. There were food trucks, a silent auction and people everywhere spreading love to Taylor. The most amazing sight was the community wrapping themselves around Taylor and her family.
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May 23, 2019


Thursday night the Crashers went to an E-VAN-t for Kip Walker, an amazing man with an amazing family! The event was to raise money for a wheelchair accessible van so Kip can go places with his family. Klondike Kate 1995 & 2019 from the Saint Paul Carnival were both there entertaining us with their songs. Flowers were sold, raffle tickets bought, and an unbelievable silent auction. At the end of the night... THEY GOT THE VAN!!  
To our Crashers- thank you for starting your memorial weekend with us! We love you!!
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May 19, 2019


There was a break in the rain yesterday as we gathered outside meeting new Crashers and catching up with the ones that have crashed before. All of us having one main thing in common, we were here to love upon a stranger, a mom, a wife and a friend. We all had our own way to connect with Steph- and we wanted her to know that she is not alone in this fight. We learned before we came that she is a giver, always there for anyone who needs help- now it’s time for not only a room full of continuous people in and out, but for the Crashers to crash hope to her hardship. As the karaoke DJ announced our arrival- Steph hugged each and everyone of us.. as if we were already a part of her army. Looking into this beautiful mother’s eyes-made our own hearts beat faster knowing what she has already been through and the fight she has to come. Music filled the background as kids and adults alike sang their favorite tunes. There was an amazing bake sale and silent auction. The place was packed with people showing their support and love for Steph and her family. 

And to our Crashers... we believe there was 60 of us there! We love the ones who have joined us for the first time, and the ones who keep coming back bringing their family and friends. So amazing to see 25 of them from Waconia (we should all be drinking the water from there). We are blessed to have ALL of you believe in this movement of crashing hardship with hope! #hopecrasheshardship. You All are amazing people!! Until we crash again...

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May 5, 2019

#18WECRASHEDIT Love does not get much stronger and apparent as it was today at the benefit of three year old Rollie. 70+ Crashers filled the room coming from all over the Twin Cities to bring joy, love, and hope to Rollie and his family. With a Lion painted face, Rollie sang everyone the ABC’s. His mother then spoke of the the journey they have been on since he was born - she talked about even though they have had unanswered prayers since Rollie’s diagnosis - God’s plans has made them stronger. Looking at Rollie and seeing his energy and love for life was amazing. As we show a slide show of Rollie’s journey the song Confidence ( ) played and tears rolled. You got this Rollie!! Keep showing the world you will fight like a lion. 

And of course our Crashers....always a huge thank you!!
We had a family celebrating a 69th birthday and chose to crash with us to celebrate!! And a 40 year old on the quest doing 40 kind things, crashing with the BenefitCrashers was on her list. We also had family, friends, neighbors, grandma with her grandchildren, friends who brought friends.. all joining us to crash hardship with hope. 
There was also a spirit with us at this Crash -Brianna looking down and all that came to crash in her honor. Paying it forward for their friend Brianna (who we crashed in 2018) was an amazing group full of the most kind, loving, people. They lost their friend, tri-althlete parter, family this winter to a hard battle of breast cancer. And they knew Brianna wanted to be a crasher.

The people we met today, Crashers and non-Crashers all took “time” to not be “busy” to show this beautiful family that they matter, they are loved and not alone. #spreadingloveandkindness

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April 6, 2019


Yesterday, the BenefitCrashers rallied in Prior Lake to surround Tom Cat and his family with love. The Pointe was packed full and overflowing with Tom’s supporters. McKenzie, Tom’s daughter greeted us at the door with Tom Cat by her side. There were hugs & tears. We heard stories of what an amazing man Tom is – hardworking, giving, supportive, and always there for those close to him needing support & love regardless of their situation. Love jam-packed the place, hand crafted silent auction items, photos displayed capturing distinctive memories and more. Tom Cat’s ISMS poster provided chuckles and laughter. From the vibe in the room you immediately could feel the impact Tom Cat made on so many from different chapters of his life. Tom, it was a blessing to meet you, your daughter, mom, and other friends and family that surrounded you today. You are strong and so so loved. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts & prayers.  
To all our 22+ crashers thanks for showing up, taking the time to adjusted, coordinated and intentional make room in your schedules to be a part of this crash. Together, in community we lifted up Tom Cat and his family. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being part of the BenefitCrashers spreading more joy, more hope, much more love. We are all in this thing called life together. Let’s make the most of it and help ensure those going through hardship NEVER EVER FEEL alone.
No matter what people are facing today, miracles are possible!#hopecrasheshardship
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March 16, 2019

Today we pulled a double header! Our first stop was bringing love, joy, & support to Carter’s family, which to our surprise both mom and dad were at the benefit. There were claps and cheers as the father, Dustin, talked about how well Carter is doing after his surgery on the 14th. The room was filled with joy and love for the family. We will be praying for the days and weeks to follow. A shout out to Shannon- who made this amazing video about her love for this family- her energy and charismatic personality was on fire yesterday❤️! 
As some crashers stayed, others moved on to crash our second stop for Audrey, who are team members refer to as the “purple baby” because of this beautiful picture of her on the benefit flyer. The silent auction was booming, along with the “fill a plate with baked goods for $5.00”-this was the first time I have seen this! ❤️ We were blessed to have met Kelly, purple babies mom- such a beautiful lady with so much support and love from family, friends, workout buddies,friends of friends.. and everyone else who filled the room. We will be praying for Audrey, the doctors, nurses, and the family for her upcoming surgery & recovery. Our “purple baby girl”- you are strong and you are loved- 

And of course our Crashers.. seriously!! 
This is a dream come true!! We had crashers who have met us at other benefits, friends, co-workers, and family of other crashers, church families, and Social media followers... our village is building-this movement of spreading love, joy, and showing support is growing, changing lives, and helping to heal those who need us now!! Until we meet again at the next Crash- Thank you for all of this!!!
Keep spreading the movement- one crash at a time! 
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March 3, 2019

What do Minnesotans do when it is freezing outside- we warm up by spreading love and support to others during hardship! 72- yes 72 of us left our houses today for a benefit for Kristin in Rosemount, MN. We heard about Kristin in January and finally got to meet this young beautiful lady with this amazing smile. The Crashers filled the room with love and energy as we participated in the benefit. The silent auction was packed with wonderful things and the DJ pumped the tunes out while the littles danced!! The St. Paul Vulcans even made an appearance and left their mark on faces throughout the venue. The BenefitCrashers attending yesterday’s event means we will also think about Kristin tomorrow, and the next day... And after. We will continue to send energy her way and pray for her and her family with our families. Consider us now part of Kristin's extended village. And to our awesome Crashers-Wow! Way to show Minnesota love, by showing up! Teaching your kids what it means to love on someone one else. Meeting new friends, hanging with old friends- Kristin was sure not alone yesterday, because of you!❤️#biggestcrashyet. #hopecrasheshardship
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January 25, 2019

We loaded a bus-filling it with 52 energetic loving people and headed for Jordan, Minnesota. We were ready to spread love and support to Diane and her family, not knowing the gifts we would take back in return for showing up. Diane’s humor, wit and compassion make her such a gem! Her family stood strongly next to her, along with 300 plus people. She explained that all the money raised would ease so much stress-allowing her to have one more test if needed. Diane closed the night with an inspirational and moving speech that would touch all who had the honor of listening to her message. “Be well…be blessed…be a blessing…and drink your bottles of wine after you get home…”


December 1, 2018

As the snow fell, fifty plus people boarded a bus from Eagan headed to Coon Rapids to Crash Brianna’s benefit. When we arrived we immediately felt the warmth, love and support from the community for Bri and her family. Bri, her hubby, and two beautiful 5 month old babies met each person at the door with a smile and much gratitude. It was so powerful to see the community rallying together to lift Bri and her family up. On the bus ride home Christmas movies played, events of the night were retold, and the quest for the best holiday light displays were pursued. Keep fighting Bri, and know that we are praying for you!


December 1, 2018

Eric Marx is a genuine man who has been supporting and serving our community his entire life-a man full of love, hope and spirit. A leader, brother, friend, dad, and a guy you could talk to all night! His hardship will not stop him from being who he is, and from what he loves. He doesn't want his story to bring sadness, but instead just share awareness, love and support. It was an honor to meet Eric today and we can’t wait to have him crash with us in the future-so everyone can meet him!


November 20, 2018

We crashed it! After a meeting at our local Starbucks in Eagan we noticed a flyer for a fundraiser for Anita who is preparing to go into her second surgery for Kidney cancer. Being from Eagan ourselves we rallied our close friends, family, and kids and headed out to support her. Upon entering the fundraiser we quickly discovered what an impact Anita had made on so many. Whether people knew Anita as a former basketball teammate, a workout buddy at Orange Theory, the best bartender ever, or simply running into her around town there was a common theme when people spoke of Anita…”Anita is just awesome”. What a great night! Anita you got this!


November 18, 2018

Today was Landon’s day! At 10 years old Landon is on the list to receive a heart transplant, yet if you met him and saw his energy you would never know the hardship he faces. The band was amazing! The tables were full of relatives, friends, friends of friends, and co workers all there to love on Landon and his family. We will talk about this day of coming together for a sweet boy forever! Keep fighting strong Landon! Once a stranger and now in our hearts forever!


October 28, 2018

It was an early day for us! We boarded a bus…yes bus…and drove to Preston Minnesota to show our love an support to the Brown Family and their beautiful little girl Gabby. Gabby was recently diagnosed with leukemia and is undergoing treatment. The community put together an amazing pancake breakfast! Please visit Gabby’s caring Bridge page for more information on how you can continue to help this deserving family.

#GabbysGotThis Hope cures cancer!!!



October 13, 2018

Over 50 crashers showed up and squeezed into Woody’s bar in Bayport Minnesota all in support of an amazing young man and his family! Fox 9 News was long for this crash! Hope cures tragedy!




September 29, 2018

We had the privilege of crashing a benefit raising money for the Young family who recently lost both parents in a motorcycle accident this past July. They left behind five children who were all so brave and kind. To lose both parents is something no one should have to go through at such a young age. Our hearts were touched by this family. Hope cures tragedy!




September 9, 2018

The sun was shining, the band was rocking, and friends and family were all showing their love and support for Tina, who is fighting breast cancer. It was such a joy to meet Tina and learn more about her journey! “Her fight is our fight!” Hope cures cancer!