How it works

When someone you know or love is going through a hardship you want to help. You want to show your love & support. You want the person going through hardship to NEVER EVER feel alone and be surround by love.

BenefitCrashers brings Hope to Crash Hardship. We bring together people and surround those who need it the most – rallying strangers, friends, family, old and young to just show up for the event hosted for the family going through hardship and reminding people that their journey is supported & they are never alone. Spreading love one crash at a time.

Contact the BenefitCrashers to CRASH your event.

We will rally our troops & CRASH with overflowing love the specific event hosted for those going through hardship.

Every BenefitCrash we crash begins with a referral.

We rely on benefit referrals from caring individuals to help us reach more benefits for people going through hardships every year and rally our member to CRASH their benefit spreading love, joy and hope. The eligibility consideration process is initiated when a benefit referral inquiry is submitted to BenefitCrashers. Learn more about who is eligible for a CRASH, who can refer and how the referral process works.

Who is Eligible? Anyone

Who can refer? Anyone

Completing the Refer a Benefit is the first step to receiving a crash – it is not confirmation of eligibility for a CRASH. Your information will be forwarded and you will be contacted by a member of our CRASH granting team. Every BenefitCrash we crash begins with a referral.

You want to join our Crash Crew? Are you interested in finding a local branch of crashes near you or starting a crash crew in your area?