How Do I Find the events you are crashing?

Those who subscribe to our website receive notification of our upcoming crashes. If you would like to receive notification please ensure you subscribe to our website and join us

The events are noted on our ‘calendar of crashers’ found on our website. Link here

How can i help?

They are many way you can help BenefitCrashers make a difference! You can help share hope, love, and kindness in this crazy world. Holding hands with members of your community instead of letting the world tear them apart. To find out specific ways you can help - Link here

How do i get you to come to a benefit?

Every BenefitCrash we crash begins with a referral .We rely on benefit referrals from caring individuals to help us reach more benefits for people going through hardships every year and rally our members to CRASH their benefit spreading love, joy and hope. The eligibility consideration process is initiated when a benefit referral inquiry is submitted to BenefitCrashers. Learn more about who is eligible for a CRASH, who can refer and how the referral process works. To refer a benefit - Link here

How did you think of this?

Link here for story…

Where can I find your Code of Ethics ? Right here….