LAURA HENRICKSON: Founder & Chairman

I am a mom to M & M, who I adore embarrassing at school drop-off by kissing and hugging them. They return the favor by dragging me out of grocery stores for talking too much! I’ve been married to a man I admire and love (and never thought I’d find) for 14 years. You might find me happily singing in the shower or traveling wherever the opportunity arises, but wherever I am, I love to be laughing loudly and with family and friends. I sometimes wonder if I should have been an auctioneer or ran away with the circus. I appreciate a detailed recipe and find peace in keeping things organized. My energetic and outgoing heart was built and my values were fostered in a small Midwest town. Everyone matters and no one ever should feel alone. I am a mom with a mom in heaven, a dreamer, a lover, and the founder of BenefitCrashers.