BenefitCrashers brings together people and surrounds those who need it the most. Rallying strangers, friends, family, old, and young to just show up for the event hosted for the family going through hardship and reminding people that their journey is supported & they are never alone. Spreading love one crash at a time.



I am a mom to M & M, who I adore embarrassing at school drop-off by kissing and hugging them. They return the favor by dragging me out of grocery stores for talking too much! I’ve been married to a man I admire and love (and never thought I’d find) for 14 years. You might find me happily singing in the shower or traveling wherever the opportunity arises, but wherever I am, I love to be laughing loudly and with family and friends. I sometimes wonder if I should have been an auctioneer or ran away with the circus. I appreciate a detailed recipe and find peace in keeping things organized. My energetic and outgoing heart was built and my values were fostered in a small Midwest town. Everyone matters and no one ever should feel alone. I am a mom with a mom in heaven, a dreamer, a lover, and the founder of BenefitCrashers.

Laura Henrickson

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Proud Minnesota Mama of three little girls . I have been married to my tall, handsome, and patient hubby since 2006. I listen to audio books when I run, refrained myself from daily mochas stops at Caribou to only on special occasions, and an optimist at heart with infectious positive energy brought into any environment – often times resulting into pouring tons of heart & hustle into my passions. This energy often leads to inaudible voice & text messages as I talk super fast and skip spell check when I am excited. I am working daily to be mindful to ensure I am leveraging my gifts to make a difference. We are all in this thing called life together; we all get one chance - lift each other up, let your light shine & love hard.

Leah Morris

I just want you all to know how deeply you touched our hearts today. Having reaffirmation that there remains good in this world can’t have an adequate value placed upon it. May God bless each and every one of you.
— Mathew Alan Romanie


  • 22 crashes to date

  • Over 100 people crashing with us

  • Continuing to grow wings in surrounding states

  • Adding more crashes and supporters each day.